I am a Scotland based photographer focusing mainly on social, geographical and political struggles of people around the world.  I am most interested in photography as a tool of social anthropology.

My background is in music and design. I played with the band Croft No. Five before going on to found Mk Whistles.    After a number of years developing my own creative ideas, I began to source inspiration from further afield.     Over a number of exploratory trips I found myself drawn to the places where people were struggling, embattled or sometimes celebrating great change.  Since then I have witnessed and photographed several political revolutions, protests, conflicts and natural disasters,  as well as working alongside people delivering frontline medical care in some of the world’s poorest places.  It seemed that under these, sometimes terrible, circumstances the best and the worst of humanity is visible.   Photography has seemed like the most powerful way to record and contemplate all of this – quite literally holding a mirror to the world – while at the same time possibly affecting things for the better.

Contact- email: mishasomerville @ gmail.com  |  uk: + 44 (0) 7787 572 447 | twitter/facebook/instagram: /mishasomerville